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I know it has been awhile since I have posted but I am so excited to review an event in Long Beach that I attended. The Queen Mary’s Chill!

There is so much hype that goes around this event so I’m sure if you have heard of it you probably wondered if it is any good. Well I have the lowdown to give you so next year you can make your decision of whether or not to attend.

So the first thing about going to The Queen Mary’s Alice in Wonderland Chill is the ticket price. You can pay between $20 and $40 just to get in, you can find half price tickets on goldstar. So paying that amount for your whole family would give you the idea that all of the attractions are included. Well we’ll get to that later… So once you arrive at the Queen Mary you will need to pay for parking which is $20.

Once you get in to the Queen Mary the decor is very beautiful and the Alice in Wonderland theme is wonderfully spread throughout leaving the guest filled with awe and wonder. But, what they don’t tell you is that every additional attraction at the Chill event has a charge, as well as the food. There is a ferris wheel, inner tubing, and a maze that you have to pay for each individually. That is what makes the Chill event a bit of a rip off. If all of the attractions were included in the admission price, then I would feel that this was a great event, but I feel like it is a rip off. There is not enough value added to make this event great. The concept, the decor and of course the Queen Mary added value but when they nickel and dime you for every thing that is there, I began to resent the event.

What I did enjoy was the feeling of being in the snow. Of course in Los Angeles we don’t have that happen, so to be able to be in the Los Angeles area and experience snow was great. Also, the musical attractions were wonderful as well. All of the singing and dancing was fabulously done. The costumes they wore were ┬ámagnificent, so if you are into the arts you will really enjoy the artistic elements to this event.

Will I be back next year? Unfortunately, no I will not. For me it simply was not worth the price of admission and all of the additional fees. But for someone truly interested in this type of thing I would encourage you to go and try it out yourself. You never know if you will enjoy it or not. It is a family friendly environment so invite your friends or family. I will say this event is much more fun to attend with family and friends.

Have any of you been the The Queen Mary’s Chill event?

I would love to know!

Comment below and let me know what you though or if you will be attending next year.

Have a very happy 2017!


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