Hi guys!

Sending you the warmest welcome possible from Orange County!

Today is such a beautiful sunny day and a great day to take my pooches out for a hike.

I have 2 dogs – kiwi and mochi, and yes they are the cutest maltipoos you’ve ever seen. Of course my little pups don’t like to hike too far so we go to Laguna Coast Wilderness Park and they have a ball.

Well today as we returned back home I noticed that they were starting to reak and their hair is getting so long that they can’t see. I know, poor little things. So I decided to look up a mobile pet groomer who would come to my house and groom them in their truck. I found www.petdaycareoc.com and after looking at their adorable website I hired them quickly. I was so pleased with the job they did and my pups were catered to perfection. They left clean and as cute as can be! I’m so happy with the job Mobile Pet Grooming Orange County did and I can’t recommend them enough.

After that we went to our favorite dog friendly beach Corona Del Mar where dogs are welcomed if on a leash from 6am to 10am and after 4:30pm. While we were there we visited Corona Del Mar Plaza which we always love to do. We grabbed a salad and a few dog treats, and we were ready to go.

I must say going to the beach after grooming may not have been the best idea, but we survived and had a ball otherwise. I must say my pups have have been so easy to groom and still smell divine, even though they walked on the beach. All I had to do was brush them up and they were as good as new.

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Best Dog Grooming in Orange County

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